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Because writing can be such a solitary journey, and on the Ventorship you’ll get all kinds of virtual advice from New York Times best-selling writer Jason June and crowd-sourced writer commenters to learn that we’re really all in the same boat!

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This is a place for all writers anywhere on their publication journey. From just starting out writing a couple words a day to multi-published, best-selling, award-winning writers, we’re all here to sail the wild waves of publishing together (I’ll never apologize for leaning into a pun)!

Have anything you want to get off your chest? Worried about writer’s block? Unsure if agent wait times are usual? Experiencing intense imposter syndrome? Write in to heyjasonjune@gmail.com with the subject VENTORSHIP and I’ll give you my take on any concerns and let our fellow Ventorship passengers weigh in with their two cents in the comments as well. That way you’ve got a whole boat-full of opinions to go off as you make your decisions for the next steps of your writing journey. Rest assured that all inquiries will remain anonymous on the Ventorship, and should any fellow passengers get nasty in the comments, their remarks will be deleted and they’ll have to walk the plank. The Ventorship is a Love Boat, after all!

So hop onboard and let’s chart these waters, baby!

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